Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Biscuits' Oven Theory

Spades Slick attacking Biscuits' oven with Crowbar's crowbar
I wanted to talk about an interesting theory I read involving the Felt member Biscuit. For those who didn't read my post, Biscuit is a mobster that thinks his broken oven allows him to travel into the future. This is clearly shown to be wrong. However, there is a theory the oven actually does have temporal abilities. The theory goes that the oven stops the flow of time inside of it.
Evidence would seem to be disprove this theory. Crowbar's crowbar (which can destroy objects with temporal abilities and negate any effect they had) seemingly had no effect on it. The comic outright states "[the] oven doesn't really have any magical time properties to be negated". 
However, this isn't a completely baseless theory. A bomb set for a few seconds was placed in it. However, the bomb didn't go off until hours later. This clearly proves it has some sort of power over time. Also, Biscuits doesn't react to the bomb. This could be explained as him being in suspended animation due to the halted time. 
However, this poses the question why the crowbar had no effect. It could be the crowbar only negates object's time powers if the object is destroyed. Alternatively, the inside of the oven could be the only part with his power. As such, the inside would need to be damaged to remove its powers.

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