Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Legion of Super-Heroes

In the 30th century 3 super power alien teenagers: Lighting Boy [ Garth Ranzz] (able to control electricity), the telepathic Saturn Girl [Imra Ardeen] and Cosmic Boy [Rokk Krinn] (has magnetism manipulation) were members of a superhero team "The Legion of Super-Heroes". They time-travel to test Superboy (has Superman's powers), who they passed and grant membership. They later got new members: the shape shifting Chameleon Boy, Invisible Boy (able to stay undetected by anything), Colossal Boy (able to grow into a giant), Star Boy (able to make the mass or gravity of an object heavier), Brainiac 5 (has 12th Level Intelligence), Triplicate Girl (able to clone herself twice), Shrinking Violet (shrinks), Sun Boy (control heat and flies), Bouncing Boy (has inflatable body, unaffected by electricity while bouncing and resistance to getting hurt), Phantom Girl (Intangibility and flies), Ultra Boy (has Superman like powers) and Super Girl (has Superman's powers). They built a rocket-ship-club-house. They tested heroes with weird, dangerous and seemly useless power (all failed) who would 5 of which became the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Their arch-enemies were the Fatal Five (who has helped them). After along time they let the karate master Karate Kid [Val Armorr], the illusion-creating Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad [Andrew Nolan](able to turn into Iron), Nemesis Kid (get powers to beat a single enemy), mind controlling Universo (he got kicked off the team) and his Green Lantern son Rond Vidar. Bouncing Boy married Luornu Durgo. Later the dark-controlling Shadow Lass after a super long time. In 2006 they got their own television show.
Legion of Super Heroes (TV series) episodes 1

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