Saturday, November 28, 2009

Metal Men

Will Magnus (with the help of Thomas Oscar Morrow) created small computer-like spheres called "Responsomemter" that turn 6 human-shape metal robots into animated shape shifters. They each had different powers (with their shape-shifting powers they all had) and personalities based on there type of metal: the field leader Gold could stretch his body into infinity; the strong man Iron was super strong; slow-witted and loyal Lead could block radiation (usually by turning into a shield); the insecure Tin broke easily; the hot headed Mercury could melt and reform himself (due to being liquid at room temperature); and Platinum (acted like a "real" woman and was in love with Doc Magnus) could flatten and stretch herself (usually into coils). However although in their second appearance it said they had their personalities because the "Responsomemter" were exposed to "intense Aurora Borealis activity", but Tin and Platinum made robots with their own personalities that had unexposed "Responsomemter". Tin made a female tin-robot (roughly with the same personality) that he called "Beautiful", but everyone else called her "Nameless". Their foes included the Missile Men (Missile robots), B.O.L.T.S. (a giant robot with loads of built-in weapons) and Uranium (a rouge Metal Men-prototype) However later due to complains about too many robot foes, the Metal Men seek out more human foes, but mostly just got plastic robots. In Metal Men issue 32, "Nameless" made her last appearance. Later, the Metal Men get up-grades that cause feedback sending him into a coma, while the MM were hunted. But, they were saved by Doc's brother Col. David Mangus (but humanity still distrust them). However they are seemly destroyed, when really it faked by Mr. Conan (first name unknown) and he and Dr. Peter Pygmalion help them make fake identities as humans. Eventually, Doc (who was an insane criminal) gets his sanity back thanks to Metal Men. However, most of events of human distrusting were erased because of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
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