Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainbow Raider

Roy G. Bivolo wanted to become an artist... too bad he was colorblind. He would make paintings that he thought was beautiful, but everyone else thought it clashed. Roy's dad tried to cure his son's colorblindness, but due his health, he created somehow created a pair of goggles that created solid color (similar to the Green Lantern's solid light). He gave these to Roy on his deathbed. He decided to get revenge on the world that didn't like his art, by going on a crime spree and art from art galleries, saying if he couldn't enjoy them (due to his colorblindness), no one will. He clashed with the Flash and Booster Gold as well. He becomes a minor JLA foe. The villainess Blacksmith killed Roy. Rainbow Raider temporarily became a member of the zombie Black Lantern Corp. The super villain team, "the Rainbow Raiders", named themselves after Roy. It should be noted an unrelated super villain of the same name appeared in House of Mystery #167, who could change his costume color and get a different power depending on the color.

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