Sunday, June 5, 2011

Common Grounds

Common Grounds is a six issue mini-series about superheroes / supervillains (such as Acidic Jew, Mental Midget, Speeding Bullet, Flammabelle, American Pi and so on) and their lives "in and around" a coffee shop chain called Common Ground.

The comic focuses on 13 self-contained stories focused on a huge amount of superheroes and villains. The comic explores themes unusual for superheroes such as obesity, second chances, religious faith, suicide, guilt and regret. The writer does so by focusing the characters as humans rather than as almighty protectors of justice.

The series started as a 1990s series called Holey Crullers (a reference to Robin's campy catchphrase "Holy [horrible pun], Batman!"). In 2004, it was revamped as Common Ground (the name of the coffee store). The reason the store is named that is because it serves as a common ground for super heroes and supervillains.


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