Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doom's IV

The Doom's IV was a comic created by Image Comics that a tie-in to a movie based on the comic being made at the same time. They did a similar thing with Kick-Ass. The movie wasn't made due to Marvel complaining about Fantastic Four similarities (personally I think they are being nit-picky). I find it notable for have a 1/2 issue.

The series was about a group of renegade heroes called the "Doom's IV" battling the Doom's Corp. (which begs the question why the heroes have "Doom's" in their name) led by Syber Idol. The team consisted of Burn (who can generate flames from her hands), Slyder (able to phase through matter), Brick (who has sand-based abilities) and Grimm (who uses future weaponry).

My sources were, Atop The Fourth Wall episode "Doom's IV # 2" and "Doom's IV # 1/2".

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