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Ultraforce was a comic book published by Malibu Comics and then Marvel Comics, when they brought out Malibu.
Pre-Black September (i.e. before Marvel bought Malibu), the team was formed to protect the public by "ultras" (the Ultraverse' (Malibu Comics' fiction universe) term for super beings). The team consisted of the leader Contrary (who can "stimulate the pleasure/pain centers of the brain"), the undead Ghoul (who can re-attach limbs, speak to the dead and sense death), the super strong Hardcase (one of the first publicly known ultras), technician Pixx (who can project images), the Captain Marvel-rip off Prime (a 13-year old that turns into a hero with the generic Superman powers and energy blasts), Ultra-Tech company corporate spokesman-mascot Prototype (who has "biological energy generators" implanted in his body controlled by his power armor), warrior queen Topaz (who is super strong and tough and has power staff that turn her skin pale purple and shoot energy blasts) from another dimension called "Gwendor"; and minor members Siren (who is super strong and has liquid-based powers, unbreakable bones and super reflexes), Electrocute, Zip-Zap, Grenade, Spectral and Atom Bob (I can't find any info on the latter five).
Post-Black September (i.e. Marvel buying out Malibu Comics), the team was banded together again. Hardcase, Contrary, Prototype (replaced by Bob Campbell, who is his predecessor to the armor). The new team consisted of the leader Black Knight (who is a swordsman with magic senses and became the leader), the Bob Campbell Prototype , Amber Hunt (who has various mental, fire and light-related powers), Hellblade, Iron Clad, Lament, Maxis, Ripfire, Wreckage (I can't find any info on the latter 6 and no I'm being lazy the info on this team is near non-existence); and old time members Prime, Topaz and Ghoul. This is series lasted 15 issues until Marvel drove the line of Malibu Comics into ground.
My sources were the Wikipedia pages "Ultraforce", "Contrary (comics)" "Ghoul (Ultraverse)", "Hardcase", "Prime (comics)", "Prototype (comics)", "Topaz (Malibu Comics)", "Black Knight (Dane Whitman)", "Amber Hunt (comics)"; and Marvel Wiki pages "Ultraforce (Earth-93060)" and "Jennifer Pearson (Earth-93060)".

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