Saturday, June 23, 2012

Force of July and Freedom's Ring

Yes, I know the pun is lame. The Force of July is an antagonistic superhero team in the DC Universe. They are an extremely patriotic superhero team that works for the government. However, they end up fighting with other superhero teams such as the Outsiders and Suicide Squad. This team consisted of the leader Major Victory (a super strong hero who flies and fires energy bolts), the energy-blasting Lady Liberty (who could also fly), the self-duplicating Silent Minority, Sparkler (who could project light in the form of beams or fireworks and fly) and the planet-controlling Mayflower. All the original members would sooner or later be killed.
An offshoot of the team, called Freedom's Ring, appeared in  Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven. They protecting the titular city. Members were new versions of Major Victory, Lady Liberty and Silent Minority. The latter two were killed by the Nuclear Legion. The Freedom Ring was absorbed into First Strike (a special team working for S.H.A.D.E. led by Father Time). It got new members including the "grey skinned giant" Bigfoot, tiny soldier Doll Man, the robot Gonzo the Mechanical B*stard, Human Bomb (who can detonate matter), Lady Liberty III, Silent Minority III, Phantom Lady (who "bend dimensional reality" via her black light projector), Major Victory II, psychic Replicant and villain Major Force (the unrespected leader).
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