Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mercury Man

Mercury Man was a Golden Age superhero who has fallen under public domain. So, now anyone can use him without approval from his original publisher.
Merco was an alien from the planet Mercury. They were "ruled by greed, hatred, and fear". Since they have super advanced weapons, they ended up killing each other in nuclear Armageddon. However, Merco managed survived because the radiation gave him super powers and turned him metallic... for some reason. He had small wings on his ankle and had wing-like ears. He went to Earth as the superhero Mercury Man to prevent the Earth from suffering the same fate. He stopped a nuclear attack on the US. Dr. Penn (a female scientist he met) gave him the power to become a normal human and turn back (although his metallic form was the only time he could use his powers). The next time we see him, he (now in a different costume) takes various "warmongers" to Mercury to show what could happen to Earth if they don't change their ways and trap them there when they refuse to do so.
Merucry Man has a variety of powers. He can fly, turn into mercury, fire disintegration bolts, use minor telepathy (which allows him to find people) and has super strength. He has also been shown surviving in the vacuum of space and the explosion of a nuclear bomb. He also has scientist-level intelligence.
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