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The Word

Several comic book characters have used the name "The Word".
America's Best Comics
Hostage negotiator
The Word is a hostage negotiator for Precinct 10. He helped stop an insane man dressed as Santa Claus. He later helped arrest the Seven Sentinels after it turned out they faked their heroics and had been abusing their sidekicks. The Word has the ability to make people do what he says he wants them to do.
DC Comics
DC Comic has two characters called "the Word". One is a mystic being that serves God. The other is a mercenary.
The servent of God
The Word was brought into existence when God said the first word. The Word became the executioner for God. In attempt to stop Swamp Thing from becoming all-powerful, he ended up destroying the Parliament of Trees, Stone and Vapors (Elemental gods) and Lady Jane. The Word was defeated Tefe, the Swamp Thing's daughter. Despite seemingly being killed, the Spectre implied that the Word is alive.
The hired gun
The Word is a mercenary that specializes in intelligence gathering. He worked for Vandal Savage and fought Cameron Chase (who was working the DEO). The Word has no mouth. As such, he cannot speak and communicates through writing. He can remove printed words then transfer it to his skin and cling to surfaces.
Marvel Comics
Marvel has two character called "the Word". One was enemy of She-Hulk. The other was a Daredevil foe.
Jack Wordman
Jack Wordman / the Word was a dictionary editor-turned-cult leader. His cult was devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. His daughter, Ultima, fell in love with a follower Randolph Harrison. Fearing the cult, Randolph hired the lawyer Jennifer Walters (the human identity of She-Hulk). When Wordman insulted Walters (thus turning her into the She-Hulk), Ultima (to prove herself) tried to fight She-Hulk, but ended up being fatally crippled by accident. Since he encouraged her, the Word felt guilty and took a vow of silence. Despite this, he later attempted to recreate his cult, but was stopped by SHIELD and the Thing. The Word's only skill is having an amazing vocabulary.
Unnamed woman
An unnamed woman took the name "the Word". She first appeared as a representive of Red Skull when the Kingpin's crime empite was dividing. She attempted to stop the criminals from bickering. Regardless, the criminal began to fight. Daredevil and Punisher attacked the meeting. However, members of the Hand killed the Word with several arrows.
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