Monday, July 21, 2014

Stardust the Super Wizard

Stardust the Super Wizard is alien crime fighter that lives on a "private star". For some reason, he spends a disproportional time on Earth (which discovered via radio signals). On Earth, Stardust uses his powers to fight enemies of the U.S. usually terrorists and crimelords.
Stardust's stories had the same format. Stardust uses his alien techology to discover the villains' plan. The villains run amok leading Stardust to rush to Earth. Stardust arrives just before the villain's plan can be completed. He then uses his powers to the stop the plan (often using a new power that near-instantly solves the problem). Stardust would use his powers to unleash some horrific fate upon the villains ranging from turning them into rat-monsters to trapping them on an alien planet to simply giving them to the police.
Stardust has vast knoweldge of alien sciences. He seems to virtually omnipotent since he constantly display new powers. Among the more common powers are interplanetary travel, flight, invulerability, ray beams with different effects, teleportion (which usually generate a bright, star-shaped brust of light) and some form of matter manipulation.
Copyright Status
Stardust the Super Wizard is in public domain. However, AC Comics have a trademarked character called "Stardust". As such, the name can't be used in ways that could cause trademark confusion. Despite this, the interior pages can still use the name. This is similar to how the DC Comics Captain Marvel can't be a comic called "Captain Marvel" due to Marvel Comics copyrighting the name.
The Comics of Fletcher Hanks: I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets

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