Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Hero 6

The original line-up
At time of publication, Disney is planning to give the Big Hero 6 their own movie. However, the team is still fairly obscure. As such, I am doing a post on them.
The Japanese government wanted their own superhero team. As such, they formed the Giri, a secret group of business and political entities, to create this team. The Giri recruited Silver Samurai (who became the field leader), Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago. Mr. Oshima, a "Machiavellian" bureaucrat, became the team's coordinator and spokesperson. Hiro Takachiho was asked to join, but he only did so after the team helped him save his mother from Everwraith, the spiritual embodiment of people killed during the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings. Hiro had Baymax join as well. During the clash with Everwraith, the team were joined by Sunfire. The team moved their base (which was originally just the Giri Office Building) to the Japan's Cool World Amusement Park. At said park, they were attacked by the villain X the Unknown (who is able to alter his atomic structure into any shape or form). Aided the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, the Big Hero 6 used the fires of Mt. Fuji to destroy X. Later, the Big Hero 6 helped rescue people from a blizzard that was created by the Justine Hammer Crimson Cowl and her incarnation of the Masters of Evil. Sunfire quited the team in favor of joining the India branch of the X-Corporation. He was replaced by Sunpyre. Silver Samurai was seemingly killed and replaced by Ebon Samaurai. Hiro became the leader. The Big Hero 6 members were brainwashed to attack the Alpha Flight. During the fight, the device used to control them was short-circuited thus freeing them. The team later appeared in their own series. It focused on their adventures in America. Here Sunfire and Silver Samurai were replaced by Fredzilla and Wasabi No-Ginger.
  • Silver Samurai- Kenuichio Harada is a ronin that does freelance work. He used to be the bodyguard for the terrorist Viper. He could charge any object with energy make it so that object could cut through nearly anything. He prefers to use this on his katana. 
  • Ebon Samurai- Kioshi Keishicho was a dead police officer brought back to life to kill Silver Samurai. However, he later gave up on his quest. He had a sword that could cut through almost anything.
  • Sunpyre- She is from another dimension and was brought to ours by the Power Purse. She worshiped Honey Lemon as a god. She has powers similar to Sunfire.
  • Wasabi No-Ginger- Wasabi No-Ginger (that's his real name) is a chef. He can generate telekinetic knives that can knock out people instead of cutting them.
  • GoGo Tomago- Leiko Tanaka was released from prison in exchange for working on the team. By saying her code name, she turns into a force blast.
  • Honey Lemon- Aiko Miyazaki is a secret agent. She invented the Power Purse, which can access another dimensions, which she uses for storage.  
  • Baymax- Baymax is the artificial bodyguard created by Hiro. Its brain was modeled after Hiro's dead father. It could turn into a dragon.
  • Fredzilla- Fred generates a kaiju-shaped aura. It becomes telekinetic armor when at full size. The armor has super strength and durability.
  • Sunfire- Shiro Yoshida is a mutant and former X-Men member. He has flight, plasma blasts, infrared vision and radiation immunity.
  • Hiro Takachiho- He is a 13-year old boy genius. He built Baymax.

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