Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vega: A Man's World

The first page of the comic
This is a weird comic I found. "Vega: A Man's World" was a story featured Omega Men issue 27. It was written by Alan Moore (writer of Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta and From Hell).
The story revolves around a female alien biologist (who is called "Leelyo" by the other characters, but it is unclear if that is her actual name or just an alien word). She is visiting the planet Culacao, whose natives are all male. Leelyo notices the natives have a strange ritual where they stab the purple membrane on giant mollusks with a spear. The story opens with her witnesses them performing the ritual. She notes how her translator, Mopi, has tried to explain the ritual, but the concepts are too alien for her to understand. She wonders show the all-male natives natives can reproduce. Leeylo reveals to Mopi that woman can reproduce. Mopi takes her to his hut so they can do so. The next day, Mopi talks to his fellow native Rudo and it is revealed that the natives stab the membrane to cause the mollusk to create more of themselves. It's revealed Mopi, misunderstanding what Leelyo was telling him, stabbed her unintentionally killing her although he fails to realize what he did.

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