Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just'a Lotta Animals

The Just'a Lotta Animals was a comic-with-in-a-comic created by Roger Rodney Rabbit (the alter ego of Captain Carrot) that spoofed classic Justice League story lines. It turned out the characters were real! Apparently on Earth-C Minus (as opposed to Roger's reality, Earth-C), the Just'a Lotta is a "real" team. The main members of the team were:

  • Super-Squirrel- He has Chiptonian (Kryptonian) powers include super strength, flight and super vision, but is weakened by chiptonite (kryptonite). He has crush for Wonder Wabbit. He is somewhat self-aggrandizing. He is a parody of Superman. He has two enemies: Lex Lemur (Lex Luthor) and Brainy-Yak (Brainiac (?)).
  • Batmouse- He has gadgets to fight crime and a sidekick: Boyd the Robin Wonder (Robin). He is a parody of Batman. His arch-enemy is the Porker (Joker).
  • Wonder Wabbit- She from Parrot-Eyes Island (Paradise Island), as such she has Animal-Zon (Amazon) powers and tools: super strength, invulnerable bracelets, a see-through plane and lasso of truth. She is a parody of Wonder Woman.
  • Green Lambkin- He has a power ring giving him the same powers of his human counterpart (Green Lantern), but has a 24-hour charge limit and the color yellow is immune to his ring. He serves the Goat-Guardians of Uh-Oh (Oa). He is a parody of the Silver Age Green Lantern. He has a foe called Hector Hamhock (Hector Hammond).
  • Crash- He is a super fast turtle. He was inspired for heroism by reading comics of the Terrific Whatzit. He is a parody of Silver Age the Flash. He battles Weather Weasel (Weather Wizard).
  • Aquaduck- He is a duck that presumably has the powers of Aquaman (who he parodies).

The team has some less-developed members:

  • Green Sparrow- Sparrow version of Green Arrow.
  • Stacked Canary- Anthropomorphic Canary version of Black Canary.
  • Hawkmoose- Moose version of Hawkman.
  • Martian Anteater- Anteater from Mars. He is an anteater version of Martian Manhunter.
  • Item- Elephant version of Silver Age Atom.
  • Elong-Gator- Alligator version of Elongated Man.
  • Firestork- Stork version of Firestorm.
  • Zap-Panda- Panda version of Zatanna.
  • Rat-Tornado- Rat version of Red Tornado.


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