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This is my 100th post! So, I'm doing an extra-long post on Kinnikuman.
Kinnikuman is a very childish character: he complains when he doesn't get his way, pouts when someone gets more attention than he does and acts lazy. In the early part of the series, he would refuse to fight monsters unless he got something in return. However despite what one would assume, he has a very noble heart and fights better when he learns how shameful and dishonorable his enemies are. He has turned several villains into heroes.
By eating garlic, KM grows 30-feet and gains proportional strength and endurance, however he actually heals slower than "normal" people. He, also, is clumsy by nature, hence people fear him more than whoever he is fighting.
He has an extreme love of gyūdon (a Japanese rice dish) and women.
Kinnikuman was the son of Mayumi and Sayuri Kinniku (king and queen of the Planet Kinniku). They went to Earth for a vacation, but due to a slight mix up, Kinnikuman ended up being left on Earth, while a pig was taken back to Kinniku. Kinnikuman decided to raise himself. He lived in a one-room house, that he built. He tried to be a superhero, but due to his clumsiness, he failed. He settled on being the president of the Gyūdon Lover's Club.
Monster Extermination Days (Ch. 1-25)
Alexander Meat came to Earth to return KM to get his rightful place as prince (which the pig took). He actually failed to defeat the pig, but the pig's owner took him back to Earth. Due to his shameful defeat, KM couldn't become king, until he proved he was a hero. Meat trained him to do so. Back on Earth, KM faced (and sometimes defeated) various enemies, while befriending a money-driven Choujin (superhuman) Terryman and his wife.
20th Choujin Olympics (28-51)
Kinnikuman competed in the Choujin Olympics (due to Ultraman not wanting to compete). Despite being sabotaged, Kinnikuman got to the final round of the Choujin Olympics. He won (mainly due to his opponent, Robin Mask, breaking his back with his own move).
American Tour (52-79)
After winning the Choujin Olympics, Kinnikuman went on an American Tour. In Hawaii, he lost his title, but won it back. The Choujin League got KM to fight Robin Mask in a rematch. They tried (and failed) to sabotage KM.
Bibinba and Planet Rakka (80-89)
While Kinnikuman was visiting the planet Kinniku, Bibinba was sent to kill Kinnikuman, but became loyal to him after he medically help her. But, she proved to be a pain and later joined a team that was "subbing" for Kinnikuman, but she was sent to Rakka to stop space pirates.
21st Choujin Olympics (90-121)
Kinnikuman won this Choujin Olympics by defeating Warsman (pupil of Robin Mask).
Seven Deadly Devil Choujins Arc. (122-159)
The Devil Choujins (evil Choujin, who not only wrestle their enemies, but also tried to kill them), led by Buffaloman, challenged KM. With the aid of his friends (some of which died!), KM defeated the Devil Choujins. Touched by KM's kindness, Buffaloman vowed to be KM's friend, if he surived punishment for his sins.
The Golden Mask (106-208)
After a while on Planet Kinnikuman, the Devil Knights (evil Choujins) stole the Golden Mask. Kinnikuman tried to get it. He defeated Sneagator, but died (due to poisoning) and was brought back to life by Wolfman (who lost his in the process). He defeated Planetman. The rest of the knights took over Warsman's (who was in a coma) body. With the aid of Geronimo, Kinnikuman was able defeat them. Then, he battled (and defeated) Akuma Shogun, the leader. Kinnikuman merged the Golden Mask and his Silver Mask to make the "Perfect Mask".
Dream Choujin Arc. (209-273)
During a tag team tournament, two of the Devil Knights are brought back to life and then stole the the good Choujin's "friendship power" (including KM). But, Terryman saved the day.
Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne (274-387)
Kinnikuman had proven himself worthy of the Kinniku Throne. There was problem: there were five impostors to the throne he needed to defeat: Mariposa, Big Body, Zebra, Soldier and Super Phoniex. Kinnikuman defeated them all and became king.

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