Saturday, July 17, 2010

Annoying Imps

Golden Age of Imps
Thanks to Jerry Siegel, the Silver Age of Comics started a new fad for super heroes: annoying imps. It all started in 1944 (in the Golden Age), when in Superman # 30, we met a fifth-dimensional imp called Mr. Mxyztplk, whose one goal in life was to annoy the Man of Steel . Following him in Detective Comics # 267 (in the Silver Age), Batman got his own annoying imp: Bat-Mite, who tried (and failed) to help his hero. In Aquaman # 1, the wet hero got a "water sprite" called Quisp (later Qwsp). Even, Martian Manhunter got a Munchkin pal, Zook, in Detective Comics # 311.
Alan Moore Goes Excessive and More...
After the Silver Age, Alan Moore (who wrote Watchmen) worked on a comic called Supreme, a homage to Superman. So, he created a Mr. Mxyztplk parody/tribute called Szazs. But, he decided to go excessive and take annoying imps to all new level with Impolympics. You see, Alan Moore created a homage to the Justice League and decided to give some of their members imps. The imps included Nite-Mite and Qyrk (based on Bat-Mite and Quisp) and new ones including Mighty Man (based on DC's Captain Marvel), female Supreme and Adam Strange imps. Poor Hawkman didn't get even get a pixie. In recent news, Qwsp (formally known as Quisp) turned evil and tried to manipulate Johnny Thunder's "genie".

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