Monday, July 19, 2010


Two heads are better than one... unless you're battling this guy!
Fictional History
The bird-like Avian race built a double-headed android (one on top of the other): the top head had knowledge of warfare, where as the bottom one had knowledge of culture. For unknown reasons, the Avian race died out, leaving the Bi-Beast the only survivor. Many years later, the Bi-Beast saw the Harpy (mutated bird-version of Betty Ross, Bruce Banner's girlfriend), who reminds the beast of the Avian race, with Bruce Banner. Bi-Beast captured both of them and told Bruce to fix the decaying machines in the Avian city. Bruce, in reality, made a cure for Harpy and turned her back to Betty. But, the Bi-Beast figured out that Bruce tricked him and battled him as the Hulk. However, A.I.M. (a branch of terrorist Hydra) tried to storm the city. The beast destroyed the city, rather than have A.I.M. take it over. Unknown to everyone, a cylinder was ejected and it had a second Bi-Beast! It rested on the sea floor, until it was taken to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. The second Bi-Beast (with the memories of the first) decided to use the helicarrier to attack major world cities (thinking that humans caused the end of the Avian race). General Thunderbolt Ross became aware of this and forced the Hulk into the helicarrier, where the Hulk battled the Bi-Beast. They fell down an opening and the Bi-Beast disappears,assume o have drown. The first Bi-Beast reappears and enslaved naval ship crews, while slowly he rebuilt the Avian city. However, Donald Blake (who was one of the ships) became Thor and freed the crew. But, the Bi-Beast was freed by his ally, Man-Beast and the duo battled Iron Man and Thor. After being defeated, the Stranger captures the Bi-Beast to be studied. But with the other captives, he escaped and attacked the Stranger, however, Power Princess defeated him. Returning to Earth, the Bi-Beast battle the Hulk and She-Hulk, but he becomes less affective, when one the heads gets a crush on She-Hulk. The Bi-Beast was seen fighting Squirrel Girl and Thing and in the series, Beyond!.
Powers and Abilities
Both Bi-Beast had super strength, endurance and stamina. The original Bi-Beast had strong knoweldge of warfare and culture (possibly to superhuman levels) and, despite lost in size and weight, still had his "normal" level of strength.

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