Thursday, December 9, 2010

Captain Ultra

Fictional Character Biography
An elderly psychologist couldn't pay the plumber Griffin Gogol. So, he offered to cure Griffin of his smoking problem. We discover the psychologist is actually an alien. His treatment activated Griffin's previously unknown powers. He became Captain Ultra and donned colorful and clashing costume. However, the treatment gave him pyrophobia. At first, he tried to be a villain and join Frightful Four. At first, they accepted (due to his wide range of powers). However, when one of them lit a cigarette, Ultra fainted and was rejected. He decided to become a hero. Moving to Chicago, he began a minor solo superhero career and battled minor villains. Doc Samson helped the Cap to get over his fear and he became a stand-up comedian and fought with Ekl'r, the Demon Without Humor. He went on an across-country comedy career, but his superhero career made this difficult. Griffin joined the Nebraska team part of the Initiative program (a government superhero program). He once battle Iron Man to protect his team.
Powers and Abilities
The Captain's main powers are super strength, endurance, durability, reflexes and flight. Apparently, his "ultra-potential" allows him to get a wide variety of powers. As such, he has also displayed intangibility (he can pass through objects), super breathe, X-Ray vision and once told an "ultra-joke" (the reader is left to fathom the meaning of that).

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