Monday, December 6, 2010

Inferior Five

In Megalopolis, a mad scientist was on the loose. Myron Victor (the son of Patriot and Lady Liberty, members of the Freedom Brigade) told his parents they were too old to be heroes again. They agreed... but forced him to become a hero! Any way, he gathered the sons and daughter of various members of FB and (due to their incompetence) dubbed themselves the Inferior Five. The team first appeared in Showcase #62, 63, and 65 and then got their own series, which lasted 12 issues (however the final two issues were titled the Inferior 5 not the Inferior Five). The team met various parodies of Marvel heroes (such as a jab at Fantastic Four called the "Kookie Four").
--Current Status --
The team has made several cameos in the modern continuity. Dumb Bunny is a supporting character in the 1st Angel and the Ape miniseries. Merryman and Dumb Bunny appear in a crowd in Superboy. In Bulleter, Dumb Bunny appears at a superhero convention. In 52 week 18, the Blimp was at Booster Gold's funeral. In Final Crisis: Superman Beyond, Merryman is the king of Limbo. Dumb Bunny played a important part in Ambush Bug: Year None issue 3. In The Brave and The Bold #35, the Legion of Substitute Heroes team up with them. Here, the 5 were from 1972, but got stuck in 2010.
  • Merryman-Myron Victor is an intelligent weakling and the leader. He is the only member aware of their disadvantages. He dresses like a jester, because he thinks he's making a fool of himself and should "look the part". In Final Crisis, he helps fight off Mandrakk "the dark Monitor".
  • Awkwardman-Leander Brent has super strength and can live underwater. However, he is clusmy (hence his name) and needs to be exposed to water a lot.
  • The Blimp- Herman Cramer is overweight hero with the power to fly... but without speed.
  • White Feather- He is a great archer, but is easily scared.
  • Dumb Bunny- Athena Tremor is "strong as an ox and almost as intelligent."

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