Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Master Order and Lord Choas


Master Order and Lord Chaos are two "brother" entities that embodies their namesake and balance the other. They seem to be all-powerful and nearly all-knowing. The duo are rarely seen, but have several notable appearances. They manipulated Spider-Man into getting Warlock to battle the villain Thanos. They watched Odin and Dormammu play a "cosmic game of chess". The duo helped battle against the god-like Beyonder. Then, they imprisoned the In-Betweener (their servant turned evil). Later, they are seen at Eon's (another cosmic entity) funeral. In their most recent appearance, they (and other "abstract" cosmic entities) deemed Thanos unworthy of the Infinity Gauntlet and attacked him, but soon turn their attention on Nebula, when she got the gauntlet. They were seen witnessing Warlock's "cosmic trial" to see if he is worthy of the gaunlet.


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