Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tharg the Mighty


Thrag the Mighty or Mighty Thang is the fictional editor of the real British science fiction comic 2000 AD. However, he usually appears in his own strip and rarely appears in the actual stories. Thrag is an egoistic tyrant from the also fictional planet Quaxxann that orbits the real-life star Betelgeuse, but works in Britain. Unlike most stereotypical aliens, he refers to humans as "Earthlets" as oppose to "Earthlings". He abuses his droids (robot caricatures of the real-life staff) that work on the comic and destroys them when they displease him. His favorite "food" is polystyrene cups. Although he speaks perfect English, he peppers his speech with "Betelgusian" phrases. He often battles the parasitical "Thrill Suckers" (who try to steal the comic's thrill powers) and the Dictators of Zrag (who try to take over the comic to liven up their dull planet and are constantly used as scapegoats by Tharg).

  • "Borag Thungg, Earthlet" (which means something to the effect of "Greetings, human".

  • "Zarjaz" (Excellent)

  • "Grexnix" (Someone rude or ignorant)

  • "Nonscrot" (Someone who doesn't read 2000 AD)

  • "Quaequam Blag!" (expression of outrage or suprise)

  • "Rigellian Hotshot" (a form of toture)

  • "Scrotning" (exciting or good)

  • "Squaxx dek Thargo" (Thrag's friends, usually used to refer to loyal readers)

  • "Splundig Vur Thrigg" (Farewell, so long)


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