Monday, August 15, 2011

Critic Corner: Youngblood # 1

After watching the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara, I decided to revamp the Critic Corner. I am going to review Youngblood # 1. This was created, written, inked and penciled by Rob Liefeld; colored by Brain Murray; and lettered by Hank Kanalz.

The comic has two stories. The first story deal with home team of Youngblood. This consists of Badrock (who is very much like a teenage version of the Thing), Photon (who has flaming hair), Chapel (who has guns), Vogue (a "Russian defector"), Diehard (who we learn nothing about) and Shaft (has string less bow and arrow; and the de facto leader). Someone tries to kill Shaft, but Shaft stops them. Then, the team assembles which takes 5 hours. Then, Diehard beats up a villain called Strong Arm and the story ends with other heroes coming in.

The second story deals with the away team. This consists of Brahma (who super strong), Riptide (who generates and controls water), Psi-Fire (who has telepathy, telekinesis and fire manipulation), Sentinel (who is a copy of Iron Man), Cougar (a copy of Sabertooth and Wolverine) and Combat (an alien who in this has around 14-feet tall, but is human size in the next issue). They are trying to arrest Hassan Kussein, who is hiding in a compound.

This comic is horrible. It's unpleasant to look at. In one scene, Shaft's body looks like it was blown up like a balloon, but it's normal in all other scenes. The first story doesn't have a proper resolution and this isn't resloved in the following issues. In the second story, Psi-Fire graphically murder a person and the rest of the team are mildly annoyed and cover it up. Also, Combat's gin changes sizes from panel to panel. For a group that suppose to be "The Next Generation of Heroes" as the tagline says, they are not heroic in any fashion. I give his comic 2 out of 5.

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