Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marshal Law

Marshal Law is comic that is published by various comic publishers. The comic satires superheroes. The series started as a six-issued miniseries and has have several one-shots. It's noted for its use of nudity, graphic violence and social satire.

In the near future, San Francisco is in ruins due to a massive Earthquake. Due to excessive genetic engineering, superheroes are commonplace in this ruined city. However, Marshal Law is a "super hero hunter" that deal with rogue superheroes with maximum force and pleasure. Despite being violent and uncharismatic personality, he has a strong moral compass. He is also aided the crippled Danny and Kiloton (who psychically imposing and polite).

In the original series, the main storyline was Marshal trying hunt down a serial killer and rapist called Sleepman. However, his enemies include Public Spirit (the most powerful superhero, who Marshal claim is corrupt), Private Eye, Persecutor and Suicida (an insane, murderous ex-soldier).

My sources was Wikipedia article "Marshal Law (Comics)".

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