Sunday, October 2, 2011


Nexus lives 500 years from now. He is really Horatio Hellpop, the son of a Communist General. He gained "Fusionkasting" (see below) from Merk (an alien entity). He has to kill a certain amount of mass murders as payment for his powers per "cycle". He will have maddening dreams and strong headaches until he he kills the murder.

Now, you are probably asking "What the @#$% is 'Fusionkasting'?". In the Nexus universe, Fusionkasting is the power to psychically draw energy from star's core. This will give the user super powers. However, this doesn't work across dimensions. Most of Fusionkasters use flight, force field generation and energy beam projection. Other common powers are super strength; degrees of telepathy; and telekinesis. Nexus and Plexus (I can't find out who he is, but he mentioned once) have display energy absorption, matter creation / transmutation and teleportion, but no other Fusionkaster has display these powers.

The series was inspired by Space Ghost. It has a clear and distinctive style a la Alex Toth's cartoons and "commercial illustrators of the 1940s and 1950s". The series' artist ironically later drew a Space Ghost comic. Mike Baron (the writer) also included social satire such as media channels being overwhelmed by ads and an analogue to the Internet.

My main source was Wikipedia page "Nexus (comic)".

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