Monday, October 10, 2011


Series creator Jesús García Ferrer
Raruto is a Spainish webcomic that is a parody of the popular Naruto manga and anime series. It's made used by Jesús García Ferrer also known as Jesulink. He began it as a hobby, but started to feel like it was "responsibility" and tries to satisfy his readers.
The series has three main characters: Raratuo, Kuchilla Saske and Flora Margarina. Raratuo Zumomaki is the titular character. He is a parody of Naruto. He is the villiage idiot that has "a demon fox" trapped inside his body. Kuchilla Saske is a parody of Sasuke Uchiha. He hates "everything, white rice above all". Flora Margarina is a parody of Sakura Haruno. She is pointless for most of the series. She has spilt personaility and usually solve her problems violently.
The comic has been translated into Catalan, Chinese, French, English, Portuguese and Italian. A handful of strips have been translated into English. My main sources were the Wikipedia pages "Raruto" and "List of Raruto Characters"; and a Raruto Wiki (that I had to translate) page "Raruto" and "Flora Margarina".

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