Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Centipede Comic

The cover to the comic book
DC Comics made several comics based on Atari games. One of them was Centipede. This one gave a plot to the popular video game of the same name.
Oliver, a young Elf, is seen playing with his bug friends. However, he decides to go  home when a bird says lunch time is over. An unnamed evil wizard (who looks like a mix of the Seven Dwarves and Gargamel) uses his wand to rot the elves' mushroom crop for no explained reason. The elves (somehow figuring out the wizard did it) form a lynch mob to kill the wizard. However, Oliver is told to stay behind. The wizard, being a powerful magic-user, easily turns the mob into toadstools with his wand. Oliver attempts to chop the toadstool (not knowing they are people), but the wizard spots him. The wizard grows bat-wings and chases Oliver. The wizard crashes into a building thus allowing Oliver to get the wand. Oliver learns how to use the wand. Nearly powerless, the wizard hypnotizes Oliver's bug friends. Since the centipede is multiple parts, a not-hypnotized segment warns Oliver. Oliver uses the wand to turn his friends to mushrooms. When it seems like the centipede is about to win, the wizard boasts. However, Oliver uses the wand to levitate the wizard near him and threatens the wizard into freeing the centipede. The wizard does so. Oliver learns how to turn the mushrooms back to normal people. Oliver does so to his friends and the other elves. It seems that Oliver uses the wand to mind wipe the wizard into becoming a good guy (its unclear what happen but the wizard suddenly becomes a good guy).
http://www.atariage.com/comics/comic_page.html?MagazineID=44&CurrentPage=1 takes to the first page of the comic click on the image to see the next page

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