Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vault of Obscurity 4

I have done several anthology posts that talk about multiple subjects that couldn't support a post by themselves. Here's another one. The last two had themes. This one will have theme too: characters I heard from Mr. Kitty's Stupid Comics website (go here for the site).
Astroman whining (which is good at)
Astroman is a superhero that lives in alternate universe. In this universe, America became a totalitarian government. Astroman was a superhero that works for the government. He basically buckled to whatever the government says despite his dislike of them. His ward is the woman Tami, who secretly the leader of the rebels. A terrorist, Orapa, attacked "President" Kenman. While Astroman stopped the terrorist, he secretly allied himself with Orapa. The last page of the story said to get answers to various questions (such as who Tami and Astroman are) will be answered in comics that were never produced. Oddly, the last page called them "the most controversial couple in comics" despite nothing in the comic to really support this. 
Astroman's powers are poorly defined. He has flight (which he displays multiple times). Astroman claims to be over 40,000 years old. If this is true, this would seem to imply he is either an immortal or long-lived.
Crack Buster / Crackbuster
His first appearance in the comic
The issue starts with some jocks are smoking crack when the hero Crack Buster suddenly appears. Later, a shady guy is trying to push drugs, but Crack Buster beat him up. This of course attracts the attentions of some drug lords led by a cloaked man. The cloaked man sends a hit man to kill Crackbuster (the comic spells it both ways). Crackbuster defeats him with what looks like shovel mixed with dust scoop. The cloaked man thinks to himself "These losses are becoming more than annoying".
I should probably talk about the titular character. He is a darkly-clad superhero. He seems to have no powers instead he uses his fighting skills and occasionally a weapon. I should point out the cover shows multiple Crack Busters so "Crack Buster" might be an identity used by multiple people.
Thor, God of thunder and rock and roll
The comics starts off with the musician Jon Thor is practicing with his band, Thor (how egoistical). Suddenly, a cosmic entity appears and tells the band they are going to the universe. The entity gives them vaguely He-Man-like clothes before the comic ends. No explanation is given on how the band is suppose to save the world. The comic is actually based on the musician, bodybuilder, actor, historian and writer Jon Mikl Thor (who is probably best known for being in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie Zombie Nightmare). However, the Mr. Kitty site incorrectly calls him "Jon 'Thor' Mikl".

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