Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Angel and the Ape

A beautiful weapon master. A cartoonist ape. They fight crime.
Angel (a woman) and Sam (a gorilla) ran a detective agency. Sam was also a cartoonist. He originally worked for Brainpix Comix editor Stan Bragg (an egomaniac and crude parody of Stan Lee) and later DZ Comics editor Morton I. Stoop (under whom Sam was more successful). Later, Stan was locked up in a madhouse Mildew Asylum for Sprung Brains. A recurring joke was that no one noticed Sam is an ape. However, Angel ended up becoming more prominent than Sam. They remained in comic book limbo until a 1991 miniseries. Sam turned out to be Gorilla Grodd's grandson. Angel was the half-sister Dumb Bunny (the female member of the Inferior Five). Even later, they got a 2001 to 2002 miniseries for DC Comics' imprint Vertigo Comics.
Powers and Abilities
Angel has hand-to-hand training (in various martial arts such as karate and judo). Angel also is skilled with various weapons. She once hit flies with a bullwhip. Sam has physical traits of a gorilla (such as strength) and human-level intelligence (along with detective skills) although he has trouble speaking due to non-human larynx.

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