Monday, May 26, 2014


Ironclad (bottom left), Vapor (top left), Vector and X-Ray
What would the Fantastic Four be like if they were evil?
Millionaire Simon Utrecht launched himself with his crew into space in the hopes of recreating the accident that gave the Fantastic Four their power. Bruce Banner (not realizing what is going on) used the flight computer to send them back to save them from the threat of the cosmic radiation poisoning. Simon and the crew were exposed to enough radiation to turn them into super humans. Blaming Bruce for "robbing" them of even more power, they tried to kill Banner. During the ensuring battle, they decided on the name "U-Foes". However when they tried to increase their powers, the U-Foes lost controls of them causing them to lose.
Despite this, they returned to menaced the Hulk. While the U-Foes have parallels to the Fantastic Four (both in origin and team dynamic), the U-Foes tends to be dysfunctional and negative. The latter often leads to their disaster. The U-Foes registered for the Superhuman Registration Act and joined the Thunderbolts (who hunted down rogue heroes and villains). When Norman took over S.H.I.E.L.D., the U-Foes become members of North Carolina's superhero team. They also joined the Hood (who turned out to be working with Norman). The U-Foes fought the Avengers several times.
  • Vector / Simon Utrecht- He can repel or vector (hence his name) objects regardless of density, size, weight or etc.
  • X-Ray / Jimmy Darnell- He is a being of radiation. He can manipulate radiation, fly and become invisible.
  • Ironclad / Mike Steel- He has a metallic hide. He has strength and the power to manipulate density.
  • Vapor / Ann Darnell- She can turn into any gaseous mixture she can think of.

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