Friday, July 10, 2009

The Gas Gang

Cosmic rays turned Doc Magnus (see Metal Men) into a cold-hearted robot. He told the Metal Men to NOT save an another ship from the "Comet Ceature". But they did (thank God for independent robots). Magnus locked up the Metal Men after their heroic deed (for his own protection) and tried to turn himself human again. But only ends up making 5 robots that had powers / names based after the gases, they held in them (as opposed to the metals they were made out of). These robots (the Gas Gang) were completely loyal to Doc. They were the following:
  • Oxygen- He was a walking Oxygen tank.

  • Helium- He was a rubber robot able to expand like a balloon.
  • Chloroform- He was a cylinder shaped robot with holes that could emitt chloroform.

  • Carbon Monoxide- He was basically a walking lit Bunsen Burner.

  • Carbon Dioxide- Oddly enough, he looked like an anthropomorphic (giving human traits to non-human things) dry ice crystal.

Unlike the Metal Men (who were the Doc's size), the Gas Gang's size varied from 1/3 to twice Doc's size. He ordered the Gas Gang to attack the Metal Men. Chloroform used it's nitrous oxide to cause the Metal Men to have hysteria fits (causing Mercury to literally break up laughing). But Lead turned into a wall to block it. Oxygen tried to rust them. During a chase, Carbon Monoxide tried to poison them. Carbon Dioxide tried to freeze them. Gold manage to turn into a cage and trap the Gas Gang. He connected himself to high voltage conductors causing the Gas Gang to melt and turn into steam. Somehow the steam turned Doc back to normal.


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