Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lantern Corps. Part 3

(If you haven't read Lantern Corps. part 1-2 d0 so before reading this.)

  • The Blue Lantern Corps.- Two Guardians of the Universe where kicked out for embracing other emotions, so they went to the sacred garden of Odym and formed a hope-based corp. In my opinion they're kind of like a cult. The Blue Lanterns' creation of solid constructs is mostly used to soothe it's targets' hope. Some Corp. member have being have to de-age dying suns. Their weakness is without a nearby Green Lantern, they have limited space travel.

  • The Indigo Tribe- I am sorry, but not much is known about the Indigo tribe. This is what is known. They use staff (instead of rings). Their emotion is compassion. They wear Indian like clothing and paint on their bodies and speak an unknown language. Their leader is a pale alien named Indigo (kind of obvious). Although the staffs seem to absorb "Sinestero light" the real power of the ring are unknown.

  • The Black Lantern Corp. (Warning: this has information that maybe be found creepy and disgusting)- What happens when you die? Ask these guys: the Black Lantern Corp. is completely undead (expect for Black Hand). The Anti-Monitor discovered the corporation's home world was inside a giant Lantern Battery, when was thrown into it by Superboy-Prime. The ring awaken the dead as zombies and bonds to them, making them Black Lantern Corporation members. The rings are fueled by killing people and removing their hearts (EW!). The zombies don't always behave like they did as living being. They can read the emotion of the living as auras in different colors (violet = love, red = rage, ect.).


Blackest Night issue 0

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