Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Tick

The Tick was a frequently obtuse, high-spirited, and prone to quipping odd, and legally insane weirdo with nigh-invulnerability, oxygen independency, superhuman strenght and "Drama Power" (his powers get more powerful with when situations get dangerous enough) in a mad house. But he decided (and) escape because he was bored. So he became the hero of the city nearby the mad house: the City (don't ask)! The original Tick comic series ran for 13 issues and here are the summary of the story arches: 1-2: The Tick became the City's hero, but there was already another hero: Caped Wonder (had Superman's power). The Tick made the Caped Wonder's life horrible, by mistake. (Warning: spoiler) So the Caped Wonder knocked him out. 3-5: The Tick teamed up with a martial-expert named Oedipus to stop evil ninjas from getting the Thorn of Oblivion. Note: The Tick also teamed up with Paul the Samurai (expert sword fighter) and Arthur (has a moth-flight suit). 6: Running Guy (is faster than 10 fast men) hired the Red Scare to battle him, to boost his rep. But the Tick messes this up. Note: In this issue Arthur become the Tick's sidekick 7: A chair-faced crime lord named Chairface Chippendale tried to write his name on the moon. 8-12: The Tick and Arthur went to New York to find some "real crime", but on the way the Tick had to battle Barry Hubris for his superhero name. Because he won the name, the Tick got all of Barry's crime fighting gear and cave. So Barry got his enemies the Evileers: the Fuzzy Person (could inflate itself [gender unknown]), Mr. Tragedy (was smarter then any of the other members and a failed actor), Multiple Santa (could create copies of himself and wore a Santa suit), the Terror (the really old leader) and Tuun-La, Not of this World (an alien that had strong pincers, an armored muumuu and flight), all pictured, to battle the Tick.

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