Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Bang Comic Heroes!

Big Book of Big Bang Comics
Big Bang Comic Info: Big Bang Comics is a comic publisher that makes comic book characters based off of Golden and Silver age comic book character. There are two main realities: Earth-A (the Silver Age world) and Earth-B (the Golden Age).
Characters: Here are some notable heroes from Big Bang Comics:
  • Dr. Weird- Dr. Rex Ward (from the 24th century) created a time machine and went back in time to 1940 (on the Silver Age Earth). He died. He created a time paradox: he was man, who died before he was born! He became a undead creature. Now he wanders the Earth and fighting crime, until he gets to his true time and finally rest in peace. Doctor Weird can become invisible and intangible at will; fly; teleport; turn people to stone by looking at them; can talk to the dead; has visions; and is superhuman strong. He is based off of Mr. Justice, but has elements of Marvel's Doctor Strange and DC's Spectre.
  • Protoplasman- His origin are unknown, he is the comic relief of Big Bang Comics. He either has body elastic or to turn his body to a liquid state allowing him to appear he's stretching. He works closely with Knight Watchman. He has a zany personality like Jim Carrey. He is obviously based off of Plastic Man.
  • Knight Watchman- His brother and sister-in-law were killed by criminals, that Ted (the brother) owed money. So Reid Randall became a Batman- type anti-hero. His foes include Mr. Mask (based on Clayface), Pink Flamingo (a mix of Joker and Penguin) (don't ask), Quizmaster (Based on the Riddler) and Grandfather Clock (loosely based on Clock King).
  • Ultiman (Earth A)- Chris Kelly gained flight, laser-vision (like heat vision), "ultra-human" strength, speed, hearing and invincibly after the Project Gemini incident thanks to radioactive meteor. His main foe is Reverso (as the name implies he's based off of Bizarro). Ultiman is based off of Superman.
  • The Beacon- Earth-A Julie Gardner discover a power crystal that had three actions (each time one of them were used it transformed color): energy absorption (red), super strength (green) and defense (yellow). She decided to become a superhero and called herself Beacon. But in the Big Bang Comic's verison of "Crisis of Infinite Earths", she lost it and Earth-B geologist Scott Martin found and became a hero too and took the same name. However unlike Julie, Scott put the crystal in a hard-hat.
  • Mr. Martain- CH'kk KK'xx is a martian that went to Earth to make sure the Nuclear Age didn't up in tragedy. His ship was shot down by Americans, mistaking him for a Communist attack, and crashed in Roswell. He took the alter ego of Chuck Cox. He has super strength, teleportion and a shrink ray. He is based off of Martian Manhunter.
  • Robo-Hood- On Earth A, a suit of Armor "not designed to be worn by any knight" and had "an intricate system of gears and mechanism, dating back to the middle ages" was found and sent to a museum for research. The watchman, Arthur Dodd, figured out it was a robot! One night, he was shot by a thief in front of the armor. Then he had a vision of Merlin telling him that there were 3 of the suits and they were built to house fallen knights and the robots were "strong as any shield (with) marksmanship more precise than any mortal". Then Dodd's soul was teleported into the machine! Using arrows on display, he avenge his death. The thief said he was caught by "a robot Robin Hood- a Robo-Hood". He is a amalgam of DC comic's Green Arrow and Robot Man

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