Saturday, October 10, 2009

Johnny Sorrow

"Hello, sir! Why are taking off your mask? AAH!!!!!"
-Victim 162 of Johnny
Johnny was a silent movie actor, until the "talkies" sent him into retirement. So he turned to a life of crime. He stole the "Subspace Prototype", which made him intangible. But Sandy the Golden Boy destroyed it, causing Johnny to go to another dimension. There his face was scarred and the "King of Tears" let him return. But now he was invisible until he took off his mask. He soon learned he was so scarred he killed anyone who look at him (with a few a exceptions)! He also learned the souls of those he killed went to the "King of Tears". He became an enemy of Sandy. Later joined the Injustice Society. Now he is the "King of Tears" enforcer.

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