Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kid Eternity

Kid Eternity (left) and Mr. Keeper (right)
Quality Comics
Eternity was a nameless kid (who only remember his "Gran'pa" calling him that) that was killed by a U-Boat that sunk his granddad's fishing boat. However, he discovered to a mix-up he died seventy-five too soon. To fix the error, he was turned into a supernatural superhero for the next seventy-five years. He could good historical / mythological figures or become intangible / tangible via saying "Eternity". He was also aided by the idiot that made the error, Mr. Keeper. Notable villains included Her Highness and Silk (two con women) and Master Man (who had similar powers to KE, but summoned evil guys).
DC Comics
The owner of Quality sold his company to DC Comic. Kid Eternity lived in the same universe as Captain Marvel (which is different from the main reality), Earth-S. The reason this happen was the writer thought his powers were very similar to the Marvels (activating superpowers via a magic word). He was, now, Christopher "Kit" Freeman, brother of Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel Jr.). He became a supporting character for the Big Red Cheese. Later in 1990s, Vertigo Comics (imprint of DC) unveiled a dark version of Eternity. His grandpa was actually a sexual predator (using Kid for his own purposes). He was a fishing boat, when a U-Boat blew it up. He went to a pseudo-heaven created by the Lords of Chaos. They manipulated him into being their pawn and think that he died seventy-five too soon and their sending him back was to fix the error. They gave him a minor Lord (Mr. Keeper) as a guide. They did this to speed up the evolution of mankind, so God will let them back into Heaven. The people he summons are actually demons in disguise. He was killed in JSA # 1, only to come back in Teen Titans # 31 via the new Brother Blood. He rebelled againist the Lords of Choas and nearly lost his powers only to be saved by the Lords of Order. But, he was weakened. His powers were similar to his pre-Veritgo except he could only summon thr figures for little over a minute. He might have beaten to death by the Calculator (mad that KE couldn't get his dead son back).

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