Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Legion of Substitute Heroes

Original Team
This team is like the Legion of Super-Heroes, just less effective.
Silver Age
The team was founded by 5 Legion of Super-Hero member rejects: Polar Boy (has cold manipulation and is the unofficial leader of the "subs"), Night Girl (has near-Superman-level strength, when not exposed to sun light), Stone Boy (turns into stone, but cannot move in this form), Fire Boy (breathes fire like a dragon) and Chlorophyll Kid (can make plants grow). They were "pinch hit" team for the Legion of Super-Heroes. They were fairly affective for a time. But thanks to writer Keith Griffin, they became comically ineffective. Several more Legion of Super-Hero rejects joined: Antenna Lad (can "tune" into any broadcast (past, present or future), usually at random), Color Kid (controls colors), Double-Header (has two heads), Infectious Lass (generates illnesses) and Porcupine Pete (shoot quills, has bad aim through). The team disbanded when Polar Boy joined the Legion of Super-Heroes. In the "Five Year Gap", Cosmic Boy, Bouncing Boy, Duo Damsel, Night Girl, Comet Queen and the new Karate Kid (no relation to the movie) formed a new version of the "Subs". In Legion of Super-Heroes vol.4, Fire Lad, Stone Boy, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Porcupine Pete, Grinn and Ron-Karr are members of the "Subs".
In the Legion of Super-Heroes 2004 revamp, several members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes appears, but are never referred to as such.
Post-Infinite Crisis
This version members were Infectious Lass, Color Kid, Double-Header, Night Girl, Polar Boy, Stone Boy and Rainbow Girl (wields the emotional spectrum). They helped the Legion of Super-Heroes defeat the evil alien-hating "Justice" League of Earth. After the JLE's defeat, the "subs" took over their satellite base. It's revealed that the reason why most of them were rejected was because Saturn Girl did subtle mind-readings of them and discover that either they didn't have enough control over them or they were simply too useless.

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