Sunday, May 2, 2010

Xal-Kor the Human Cat

Xal-Kor was from the 4th dimension. He claimed his race was a group of cats that went into "hyper-evolution" (giving them human-like appearance and level-intelligence). Xal went to Earth to stop the "Rat people" known as "Rodentites" (who had similar powers as him) from conquering the Earth. Using his shape shifting, he took a job as a reporter named Colin Chambers (possibly a reference to Clark Kent). His Lois Lane-like secretary, Ann Rhoden, was really one of the Rodentites, but he didn't know this nor did she know that he was really Xal-Kor. He would often battle the Rodentites and usually acted kinda ruthless towards them (in his first appearance he killed two of them). But, he couldn't expose them because it would incite panic. He never actually completely stopped their plan (in every story there would be like a dozen left alive).
Powers and Abilities
Xal-Kor can shape shift into a human or a cat. It was revealed he needs to turn into his true form, before turning from cat to human (or vise versa). He has limited telepathic abilities towards cats. He is very strong and agile, but it's unclear if it's to the superhuman level.
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