Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Captain Thunder

Captain Thunder was homage to the original Captain Marvel. However, this was odd, because DC Comic owned the rights to the Cap.
Young Willie Fawcett (reference to Captain Marvel's original publishers) appeared in Metropolis, but for some reason didn't recognize it's famous hero, Superman. When he saw a robbery, he rubbed his belt and yelled "Thunder" and turned into Captain Thunder! His name was reference to Captain Marvel's original name. Oddly, Cap. Thunder helped the robbers. Then, he fought the Man of Steel, before turning back into Willie. Willie wanted help from Clark Kent (who he thought was Superman's friend). He explained he gained his powers from an Indian (reference to the Wizard Shazam) and he is Captain Thunder. He went on and said he fought the Monster League of Evil (Monster Society of Evil homage) across 1,953 dimensions and, after imprisoning him, they did something to him. Clark, believing the story, but still unsure if Willie is Captain Thunder, took him to the police station to find out if he had been reported missing. Willie (seeing a crime) instinctively transformed into Captain Thunder, but the evil persona took control. Superman tricked Thunder into using his wisdom. Figuring out what happened (removing his evilness), he goes home.
He had power similar to Captain Marvel, but his powers are from:
  • Tornado: Power
  • Hare: Speed
  • Uncas (Indian Warrior chief): Bravery
  • Nature: Wisdom
  • Diamond: Toughness
  • Eagle: Flight
  • Ram: Tenacity

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