Thursday, August 12, 2010

General Glory

Joseph Jones
He was a World War II soldier, that Lady Liberty gave "superior abilities", when he said:
"Lady of Liberty, hear my plea — 
For the land of the brave —
And home of the free!"
Similar to Captain Marvel, saying this would transform him into a superhero. Under the authority of Agent Newkirk Sharp, he became a government agent. Sharp made it so a General Glory comic would be made, so people would think he wasn't real. Akin to Captain America, he disappeared on a mission in the Arctic. Albeit, he returned to America (in his Joseph form) and had little memory of his past. It turned out Sharp drugged him for some reason. Many years later, Guy Gardner outbid him for a General Glory comic. But, he got Guy to let him read it (he paid Gardner). When he said the magic words, he transformed into General Glory. Then, he was arrested. It turned out Sharp framed General Glory for his own purposes. But, Glory exposed Sharp. Glory became an on / off member of the Justice League. He died of old age. This version of General Glory says "Stars 'n' Stripes!", when shocked, a parody of various superhero ejaculations (such as Superman's "Great Krypton!").
Donovan Wallace
One time when Glory turned into Jones, he had a cardiac episode and was sent to a hospital. He was in the same one as Donovan Wallace, who was a cop crippled by gangsters. Due to not being able to turn into Glory, Jones told Wallace about his superhero career. Despite being skeptical at first, Jones convinced him. Wallace tapped into the same energy that souped-up Jones and became the second General Glory. He used this to arrest the gangster that crippled him. He returned to Jones. Jones was having a heart attack, so he gave his power to Donovan to kept his legacy alive. As a result, Donovan regained his ability to walk. As Wallace become the second GG, Jones died. It turned out Donavan was going to have a wedding, but it was ruined by the Nazi-themed Fourth Reich. This team (with Vandal Savage) plotted to destroy all patriotic superheroes. In the 52 series, Martian Manhunter made a memorial for the JLA near Happy Harbor (were the JLA was originally based). There was statue for the dead members of the team, Glory included.
Powers and Abilities
Joseph Jones
He has super strength (enough to lift a tank) and durability and was an Olympic athlete in all other areas and seemed to be ageless, but only as Glory. Jones had no super powers. So becoming "normal" lead him to die from old age. When he was alive, he could give "long winded" patriotic speeches. This actually prove useful to the JLA, when villains attacking the JLA decided to kill him instead, so they wouldn't have to listen to his speech.
Donovan Wallace
Donovan had the same powers as Jones, but he had some weapons and powers Jones didn't. He had a sharp star (for throwing) that came back to him like a boomerang and could fly via golden bird wings.Trivia
  • General Glory was intended to a parody of Captain America.

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