Saturday, August 21, 2010

Local Comic New of Texas

Hello, readers. I have decided to complain about a comic book-store related article in a magazine. I know normally I talk about comic books. But since is this my blog, I can do as I want. In the Dallas-Fort Worth magazine, D Magazine, there was an article that claimed the "Best Comic Book Store" is Zeus Comic and Collectibles. I think that is ☠☠☠☠-ing untrue. I believe Titan Comics is superior to Zeus (despite what happen in Greek mythology). Despite what the magazine says Titan is not a "well-curated mix of of books and toys" nor is it good for a "causal fan" of comic books. Zeus does have a lot of comics. However, they are so crammed together you can't leisurely skim through the comics. The only thing there that are easy to look through are the toys and Essential Marvel / DC Showcase paperbacks. Titan has a greater amount of comics and you can easily skim through them. And the staff is very kind. If you are ever in Dallas, visit both and see for yourself. I highly recommend Titan Comics over Zeus.

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