Thursday, October 21, 2010

Megaton Man

Tiny wrists!
Trent Phloog has a job as a hero in Megatropolis as Megaton Man. He is a overly-muscular, dim-witted hero. He has super strength, durability, flight, "Megaton-Vision" (X-Ray Vision), and self-detonation, the last power is activated when he says "Overkill". How he got these powers are unknown, two possibilities of how he gained these abilities were given:
  1. He was bitten by a radioactive frog (reference to Spider Man)
  2. His powers were the result of a military megasoldier program (reference to Captain America)
He was originally Megaton Lad (likely a reference to Superboy) and had a dog sidekick Plutonium Pup (Krytpo parody). After the death of PP and his 21st birthday, he actually called himself Megaton Man. He is a member of the VM gang. Due to an error in his bureaucratic paperwork, MM has to re-take his high-school exams. During his first time in high school, he played the clarinet. Trent is married to Stella Starlight (the alter ego of a superheroine Mother Earth) and the two had a child. Recently, Megaton discovered alternate versions of himself: the Golden Age Megaton Man, the Silver Age Megaton Man and the Russian Megaton Man (likely a reference to the Russian Zod).
Supporting Cast
  • X-Ray Boy- Larry Barton is the sidekick of Megaton Man. He ordered fake x-ray goggles from an ad, but by mistake got real ones released by the Pentagon. The power burned off his left arm (don't worry he replaced it with a robotic one) and fused into his eyes, turning them green. The Pentagon asked for the goggles back, and because the power remained with him, he gave them back. The goggles killed the people at the Pentagon. Now, Larry's friends aquired the goggles. He is a member of the VM Gang. He is not to be confused with a villain of the same name.
  • Yarn Man- Bing Gloom is called the latter, because his body is completely made out of yarn. He was a member of the Megatropolis Quartet, but is now a member of the VM Gang. Kozmik Kat is his sidekick.
  • Phantom Jungle Girl- Donna Blank is an activist and also a superheroine (although has no actual powers). She is an ally of Megaton Man.
  • Cowboy Gorilla- He is a talking gorilla from Texas. He was a member of the Megatropolis Quartet and now is an on / off member of the VM Gang.
  • Kozmik Kat- He is laid-back, anthropomorphic feline version of Megaton Man. He will attack people within reason and doesn't believe in violence againist women. He is possibly a parody of Streaky the Super-Cat. He is a mascot for the VM Gang.
  • Gower Goose- He is a cowardly anthropomorphic goose and a heavy drinker. He helps the VM Gang by doing odd jobs. He is a good friend of X-Ray Boy and has a crush on Moonstone of the Tomb Team. He runs a radio station and is presenter for WUCK radio station.
  • Kickstand Kid- He is the first villian Megaton Man fought as Megaton Man. KK is a young boy with a robotic body with guns built into every part of it. Due to the fact MM is bulletproof, KK was easily defeated.
  • Dr. Software- He was an enemy of the Megatropolis Quartet (which is now disbanded). He plagues Megaton and his old enemies.
  • Bad Guy & Bulky Guy- They are two clumsy behemoths. They caused chaos for various incarnations of Megaton Man. They have been defeated by the current Megaton Man, Miss Megaton Man, Golden Age Megaton Man and Anti-Matter Woman.
  • Irving the Living Cactus- He is an enemy of Yarn Man. Irving can use his spikes to rip Yarn Man apart. He was seemly killed by an electric shock at the hands of X-Ray Boy, but he was merely dehydrated. He was thrown into a river populated with chemicals as such he gained a new anthropomorphic form and became an enemy of VM Gang.
  • Tomb Team- They a group of supernatural beings living in catacombs of Ypsilanti Cemetery, Michigan. The team only speaks German. Megaton Man, Yarn Man and Cowboy fought them and the TT seemly perish in battle. But, Count Dracula brought the Frankenstein Monsters back to life and is trying to do the same with his daughter. Members of the Tomb Team were:

    • Forbidden Frankenstein- He is a “purple behemoth”.
    • The Bride of Frankenstein- The wife of the the guy above. She speaks both English and German.
    • Dracula's Daughter- A green-skinned vampire that isn't affected by sunlight. She pesters her dad a lot. She bit Cowboy Gorilla and put him out of action for a long time.
    • An unnamed now deceased werewolf
    • The Mooncat- She is a spoiled nurse turned demoness

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