Friday, October 8, 2010

Terrific Whatzit

No one would think Merton McSnurtle, a "funny animal" turtle, would be a superhero. But, he was given super powers by Prince Highness (entity of good) and Prince Lowness (entity of evil). They gave him these power to settle to bet: if a completely honest person had super powers, would the power corrupt him? McSnurtle was the only person that they could find that fit the bill (he was too lazy to be evil). With these powers, he decided to become a superhero. When duty called, he would remove his shell and don a costume similar to the Golden Age Flash's. Then, he would fight crime as the Terrific Whatzit (he was called this because it was hard to tell what animal he was without the shell). He fought crime for 17 issues in Funny Stuff. Later he appeared in Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew # 9, he was retcon so now he was the uncle of Fastback a member from the titular team.
Powers and Abilities
His main ability was super speed. However, there was variation in the power, but speed was emphasised the most. He had a "Automatic Conscience", which was an annoying voice in his head that wouldn't shut up, until he solved the crisis at hand. His shell was also removable, which is odd for a turtle.

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