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Fictional History
Something of an Origin
Prez Rickard was the son of Martha Rickard. She named him that because she thought he was going to president. They lived in a town called Steadfast, where the clocks were all out of sync... until Prez fixed them. A shady business man called Boss Smiley (whose head looks likes his namesake) hired him to run for senator (but Smiley wanted this to be a front), when the age limit for senators was lowered. Prez, who was an idealist, rebelled against Smiley, earning his ire. 45% of Congress (who were under the age of 30) voted to have the president ial age limit lowered as well. Prez was elected president of the United States. His mom became the vice-president. His sister was his secretary. Eagle Free (a native American with deep understanding of animals and friend of Prez) became the head of the FBI.
Prez: First Teen President
Prez in his series had to face very strange enemies. These included legless vampires, led by George Washington's great-great-great-great-great-grandnephew; the political boss, Boss Smiley; and evil chess players. He also was attacked due to his feelings about gun control. He his series was cut short by the DC Implosion (for more info, check the post about that).
Later Appearances
  • Supergirl (1970 series) # 10 (1974): This issues implies Prez is president of the America on Earth-One. The titular character saved Prez from an evil politician and a witch, who looked like the DC horror host Eve.
  • The Sandman # 54 (1993): In here a darker version of the Prez mythos appears. Here his watchmaking skills are emphasised. Here, he became president without Boss Smiley's help (although it's implied he might have pulled a few strings). Prez managed to do miraculous things, like solving the energy crisis. He later meets Smiley again at party, where Prez reveals nothing but rumors is known about Smiley. In response Smiley threatens him if runs again. Prez does run again and his girlfriend is killed by woman obsessed with Ted Knight and did this to get his attention (à la John Hinckley, Jr). After being confronted by Smiley and the end of his term, he vanishes from the public. He died (sources differ on how this happen) and ends up in Smiley's domain. The titular character (the Sandman) saved Prez from Smiley and let Prez go the "other" Americas (in other dimensions) and help them.
  • In the one-shot Prez: Smells Like Teen President, a generation X teen looked for Prez, who according to his mom is his father. Here it's reported Prez died of a brain tumor that Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush's dishonstey aggravated.
  • In Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Lex Luthor created a computer program that took on a human form. Then, it became the Commander in Chief. Its name was "Rick Rickard" and looked like an older version of Prez
The Sandman: World's End

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