Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Stuart "Stu" Moseley is the co-owner of Eats, a diner in the ghetto side of Delta City. However, he also fights injustice with sarcastic wit and a bright and colorful costume as the Heckler. The origin and motivation of the Heckler is unknown. He might simply be a glutton for punishment. It seems he doesn't get respect as a hero or as Stu. Notably, Stu appears to be "slightly anal, frustrated and awkward", but when he is the Heckler, he seems to be a completely different person.
Powers and Abilities
The Heckler relies on his wit to make insults to make his enemies madder and sloppier, which he takes advantage of. He can "annoy the hell outta of nearly anyone", which may not be limited to the animal kingdom.
Despite only average strength and agility, he seems to have above average durability. He has been seen recovering from falling from staggering heights and being eaten by a monster. His durability teeters on the edge of superhuman.
Supporting Cast
Ledge- A mentally challenged friend of Stu. Despite being illiterate, he somehow can use computers. He gives the Heckler info. He is the only person who knows about Stu's alter ego.
The Minx- She is a gun-toting vigilante. However, all the criminals she hunts seemed to have gone on awkward dates with her.
Fran├žois- He is the obsessive head chef at Eats.
Mr. Dude- He is a costumer of Eats, who sometimes give the Heckler criminal info.
X-Ms - She protects a Christmas-themed part of Delta City named " Tinseltown".
Boss Glitter- He is a very dainty mob boss.
P.C. Rabid- A celebrity, who wants to boost his rep by destroying the Heckler's.
Bushwack'r- A parody of Wild E. Coyote. He is a bad luck bounty hunter that wants the Heckler.
El Gusano- He is an assassin that works for Boss Glitter.
John Doe, The Generic Man- A blank slate, who is able to remove the individual characteristics of an environment. He tries to take over Delta City.
The Cosmic Clown- He is android killer clown from space. He thinks Earth circuses are bent on murder.
C'est Hay- He is a killer made out of straw and / or hay. He has delusions of being an actor causing him to act oddly.
The Four Mopeds of the Apocalypse- They are sidekicks to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The FMA includes Famine Lass, Kid Pestilence, Plague Boy and Skippy (Death).

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