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Publication History
Peter Milligan and Mike Allred revamped the X-Force comic. However, the series took a very odd turn. They turned the team into celebrities in the hero business for fame and fortune. Also, there was a new satirical tone towards the superhero genre added. The team would constantly lose members. In the first issue of this revamp, almost every member died. This was not universally accepted. Many fans wanted “their X-Force back”. Later, the team 86ed the name "X-Force" and became the "X-Statix" (complete with a new comic series). Then came the greatest controversy of the comic! Peter wanted Princess Diana to appear as a undead superhero. This was leaked and greatly objected to (most notable of the objectors was the Daily Mail). So, she was replaced by Henrietta Hunter (a fictional pop star). Sales bombed, so in one last jab at the superhero genre, the entire team died. The comic got a spin-off called X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl, which starred a minor member called Dead Girl and parodied comic book deaths.
Fictional History
During a mission trying to save the Boys R Us boy band, the X-Force was massacred. Only Doop (the cameraman), U-Go Girl and the Anarchist survived. Later, Guy Smith (a.k.a. the Orphan and Mr. Sensitive) joined and became leader. The team tried to save Paco Perez, a mutant whose chest might have cures to diseases, from a dictatorship. But in the process, Saint Anna and Bloke (two new members) were killed. Guy refused to let Paco be “stripped mined” and hid him. This angered the Coach, who tried to kill Guy, only to have U-Go Girl (Guy's girlfriend) kill him. The streetwise Spike (no connects to the similarly named X-Men: Evolution character) joined. After going into Doop's mind, the team discovered they had to change their name for legal reasons. U-Go Girl died and gave the team their new name on her last breathe: the X-Statix. Venus Dee Milo joined the team and they battle a reality warping fan boy of U-Go Girl, who was holding a town hostage. They let him join, but he was later poisoned by Lacuna (a time-controlling ally of the team). Guy passed leadership on to the Anarchist. Henrietta Hunter (a zombie pop star) joined the team. Lacuna revealed the truth of the then-current owner of the team's, Spike Freeman, shady deals. Spike attacked Lacuna, only to be killed by Guy. But, Lacuna was killed by Spike and the team's public image was destroyed. The X-Statix (in an attempt to reclaim their image) battled Mr. Code and the Random Killers, but Phat (a new member) and Hunter were killed. Russian terrorists kidnapped Doop, only to have the X-Statix and the Avengers to save him. Despite disbanding, all of the team was killed on one last mission.

  • Anarchist- He is African Canadian, who is the team's self-proclaimed token. He can fire energy bolts via his acid-like sweat.
  • Bloke- He could change color (some of which increased his strength). He revealed himself to be gay, shortly before he was killed.
  • Dead Girl- She is an undead hero able to reform her body, control her limbs (even if they are detached) and has telepathy with the dead.
  • Doop- He is a bizarre pickle-shaped creature that speaks in what is seemly gibberish, but the other characters can understand him. He is the cameraman.
  • El Guapo- He is attractive mutant with a sentient skate board.
  • Henrietta Hunter- She is an undead pop star with enhanced psychical and mental powers.
  • Mysterious Fan Boy- He is a super powerful fan boy of U-Go Girl. He has reality warping powers.
  • Orphan (a.k.a. Mister Sensitive)- He is the team's unofficial leader. He is a suicidal mutant with antennas and superhuman sense, speed and levitation.
  • Phat- He is parody of Vanilla Ice or Eminem, who (eventually) is openly gay and able to soften / increase the size of any of his body via expanding his fat tissues.
  • Saint Anna- She is an Irish-American mutant able to levitate / control of motions of objects and heal people.
  • Spike- He is a controversial African American character, who makes fun of the Anarchist.
  • U-Go Girl- She is a blue-skinned teleporter. She has been emotionally linked with Zeitgeist and then Orphan.
  • Venus Dee Milo- Her body is made out red energy. This allows her to teleport, fire energy blasts and heal minor wounds.
  • Vivisector- He is a bookish werewolf-like mutant with enchanced senses, agility, speed and razor claws and fangs. Like Phat, he is homosexual.


  • Coach- He is the mentor for the X-Statix, but he was very manipulative. It's revealed he caused the Boys R Us disaster. He tried to sell Paco to medical companies, only for Paco to be saved by Orphan. He tried to kill Orphan, but this ironically led to his own death.
  • Spike Freeman- He is an amoral billionaire, who funded the team. He is (obviously) addicted to thrills (he play Russian Roulette voluntarily). He was killed by the Orphan when he was trying to help defend the murders of innocent people.


  • Lacuna- She is an on / off ally of the X-Statix and a talk show host.
  • Professor X- He help build Orphan and Venus Dee Milo's special suits.
  • Wolverine- He is old friend of Doop.


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