Friday, November 19, 2010

What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?

Publication HistoryThis story was mainly a way for DC Comic to answer to the critics of Superman's methods in the age of anti-heroes. The title is a play on the song (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? by Nick Lowe and Superman's catchphrase "Truth, Justice and the American Way".Plot

Superman was going to Libya to stop a terrorist attack. Superman was surprised to find that something else stopped the terrorists: something with more power than a King Kong-sized cyborg gorilla. We discover that the gorilla and 2,000 Libyan soldiers were killed by a superhero team called the Elite... in 4 minutes. President Lex Luthor doesn't care about the Elite unless the heroes attack Americans. The Elite sent a message to every computer saying basically they'll kill anyone they think is "part of the problem". Superman was worried about both the message and the possibly of him being outdated. Superman flied to Japan to stop a group of Japanese villains. The villains seem to have gotten the upper hand... only to be murdered by the Elite in gruesome ways. The Elite took our hero to their base. We discover the team is somewhat arrogant and are unwilling to stop using their lethal methods. After talking to his dad, Superman discovered (despite a few critics) the Elite is becoming very popular. Later, Superman battled a group of aliens and an evil pair of Men In Black copycats. After defeating them, the Elite come and Manchester Black (the leader) told the Hat (a member) to kill the villains and their families. To which, Superman KO ed Hat. To which, the Elite decide Superman is now their enemy and decide to fight and kill him. But, on Superman's request, they teleport Jupiter Moon's Io, so no bystanders will get hurt (but the battle is being recorded live). Despite trying to reason with them, the Elite attack him. After seemly killing Superman, they hear him say "I finally get it now...", much to the team's confusion. Then, Superman seemly killed all the members (except Manchester, who is seemly lobotomized hence not being able to use his powers). We discover Superman faked this to show the Elite how it feels to be the victim of their form of lethal justice. The Justice League arrested the team.
The Elite
The Elite is a group of antiheroes that based on Wildstorm's Authority (whose members constantly use lethal force). Members were:
  • Manchester Black- Based on Jenny Sparks, but he has telepathy and telekinesis as opposed to Jenny's electric-based abilities. He is the leader.
  • Menagerie- Based on Engineer. She has a symbiosis with a mysterious green substance on her body that make her a living weapon.
  • The Hat- Based on the Doctor (not Doctor Who). He uses a magic hat (hence the name).
  • Coldcast- He is only member not based on an Authority character. He can manipulate electromagnetic power.

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