Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Barda

Character History
Barda was a New God born about 250 years ago. She was on the planet Apokolips (ruled by Darkseid). Barda was taken from her mother by Granny Goodness and trained her to lead the Female Furies battalion (which she did). However, she fell in love with Scott Free (an enemy of the evil Darkseid). She later helped lead a rebellion led by the New God Himon. The duo freed Scott. She went to Earth and married Scott (who now called himself Mister Miracle). She became an on / off member of the Justice League and helped them in various crisises. She briefly left Scott, due to him being insensitive. She later resume her romance with him. After resigning from the JLA, she and Scott settled in Connecticut suburbs, but never stop helping people in time of need to the point she became a heavy hitter member of the Birds of Prey team. She was killed in Death of the New Gods # 1. But, she was reincarnated in Final Crisis.
Powers and Abilities
Like all of the New Gods, Big Barda is immortal. She also has super strength and durability. She's skilled in hand-to-hand combat and all weaponry / warfare. She has been seen fighting Wonder Woman to a draw. Her main weapon is the Mega-Rod. The latter produces powrful energy bolts and allows the user to increase gravitational forces. She is also able to summon / use the Aero-Disks, which allow her to fly.
  • The Teen Titans (in the event of 52) are shown to have a Big Barda-like member called Little Brada. Her connection to Big Brada is unknown.

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