Monday, January 31, 2011

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!

Superman discovered that the citizens of his home were acting like primates. He investigated and discovered that a mysterious barrier around the Earth was the causing this. A ray tried to hit Superman, but he used a meteor to protect himself, but destroyed the meteor and sent it to Earth-C, an anthropomorphic animal world. Various denizens gained super powers from the meteor fragments. The animals (who would later became the Zoo Crew) teamed up with Superman to stop the ray (which was turning the animals non-anthropomorphic). They found out that Starro was the culprit and he was hiding on that reality's Pluto. After beating Starro, the animals decided to become the Zoo Crew. Early on, they had trouble working together in battle, but improved with time.
Back Together
The team made a come back in the Teen Titans # 30-31. Kid Devil read a comic called "Whatever Happened to Captain Carrot" (a obvious reference to Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"). In a parody the darker themes in comics, Little Cheese is dead, Yankee Poodle was a fugitive accused of killing the president, Captain Carrot drowned his guilt for the death of his sidekick in drink, Fastback is missing and Pig-Iron and Rubberduck were underground superheroes. Alley-Kat Abra was the only fortunate one and was now a famous magician. A hero called American Eagle reformed the team to avenge Little Cheese's death. Then after investigating, they discovered that Alley-Kat Abra (who refused to join the reformed team) killed Little Cheese, framed Yankee, trapped Fastback in the future and sold the team's secrets to the government. Alley-Kat was sent to prison and the Zoo-Crew went off to save Fastback.
We discover that Earth-C is actually Earth-26. With the aid of Chip Hunter, they managed to free Fastback. President Benebuck Arnold formed the Collar ID Initiative (a parody of Marvel's Superhuman Registration Act), but the Zoo Crew refused to comply and operated on the sly. The team members got their alter egos back (except Yankee, who was making money on her getting framed). The team battled various enemies and freed Alley-Kat, who revealed that an impostor took her place and did all of the horrible things. Starro managed to get all of the team (minus Pig-Iron) to forget how to use their powers. Rash Al Paca started to flood the planet. Benebuck reveals the Collar ID Initiative has removed all of the planet's superpowered being's powers. So, the Zoo Crew got help from the Just'a Lotta of Animals (who are from an alternate dimension) to get most of the animals onto a giant ship. However, they accidentally end up on New Earth (the main reality) as "normal" (non-anthropomorphic) animals.
Final Crisis
In Final Crisis # 7, Monitor Nix Uotan restored the Zoo Crew to their "normal" forms.
  • Captain Carrot- He gains Superman-like powers from eating "Cosmic Carrots" (carrots effected by meteor fragments). These abilites last for roughly 24 hours (although exertion to a high enough level could speed it up the time limit) He has an alter ego as Roger Rabbit (later changed to Rodney for legal reasons), a cartoonist.
  • Alley-Kat Abra- She is a magic user that uses her "Magic Wanda" (magic wand) to cast spells.
  • Pig-Iron- He worked in a steel mill until a meteor fragment knocked into a vat of melted steel turning him into a giant metal version of himself with super strength and invulnerability.
  • Rubberduck- He was a movie star, but a meteor fragment allowed him to become super stretchy.
  • Yankee Poodle- She was a journalist, but got the ability to shoot force beams (shaped like stars and stripes) from the meteor.
  • Fastback- He is a turtle that is ironically super fast now.
  • Little Cheese- He was a mouse that got the ability to shrink into tiny sizes from eating a piece cheese from the moon (as opposed to getting them from a meteor fragment). He is now dead.
  • American Eagle- He is really Johnny Jingo, a radio reporter. He has no powers, but uses Batman-like gadgets.

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