Sunday, January 2, 2011


Seaguy and Chubby Da Choona playing chess... with Death.
Publication history
Seaguy is a 3 volume comic written by Grant Morrison (who did All Star Superman, Doom Patrol, JLA, Animal Man, New X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Invisibles, and Batman) and drawn by Cameron Stewart. Grant created Seaguy to be the opposite of the popular "bad-ass" characters, which he felt were "trendy and unconvincing". He wanted to make two sequels to Seaguy, but it had low sales making the latter unlikely. According to rumors, Grant said he would do the 52 series if he could do Seaguy sequels. Eventually, Morrison got the okay to do so. The first volume was simply called Seaguy. The second was entitled "The Slaves of Mickey Eye". The third one, "Seaguy Eternal", has not being put into action yet.
In a seemly perfect world, where most people think all the world's evil is gone, superheroes aren't needed. As such, Seaguy is just a guy in a wet suit with a talking tuna fish named Chubby Da Choona. However, the duo discovers that Xoo, a food staple of their world, is alive and they try to protect it. The comic combines light-hearted whimsical and dark tragic elements, but each adventure get more tragic than it's predecessor until he learns the secret of the moon.

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