Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Smurfs

You are probably thinking some to the effect of "why is Skippy talking about '80s cartoon characters on a comic blog?" Well, that cartoon series was based on a Belgian comic.
The soon-to-be creators of the Smurfs were having dinner together. However, Andre (one of the creators) forgot the word "salt" and asked for "schtroumpf" (I think it means something to effect of "thingamajig"). This inspired them to introduce a tribe of small, blue elves called that in their sword and sorcery comic Johan et Pirlouit. The character proved popular enough to their own stories and later comic. In Dutch, they were called the Smurfs, which was adopted by English speakers.
The Smurfs and their Culture
The Smurfs are small blue, look-like, 3-crab apple-tall beings. Despite looking very much alike, they usually have at least one notable characteristic that they were named after. They appear to age much slower than human as most of them are 100 years old. Most of the Smurfs are male, with extremely few females.
Their language is usually what ever language the comic is translated into, but they have a tendency of using the word "Smurf" for multiple meanings aside from referring to themselves, making it somewhat hard to understand them.
Their village is located in forest and they live in small mushroom houses. Despite the fact humans live near the forest, it is difficult (if not impossible) to find the village.
The Smurfs don't use money, but have a cooperative economy, where each Smurf does a job in society and get necessities of life in return.

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